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Research Topics

1. Our lab is focused on understanding the molecular and physiological mechanisms that underlie pathological remodeling of the inner retina during and after degenerative blindness. Our goal is to improve vision in retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration patients, by blocking or reversing remodeling.

2. We conduct collaborative studies aimed at elucidating the pathophysiological changes that occur at the molecular and cellular levels in neurons differentiated from stem cells carrying the mutation for Fragile X Syndrome, the most prevalent form of inherited intellectual disability and autism. Our goal is to find human-specific mechanisms. 

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Developing therapeutic strategies to inhibit remodeling and improve vision

Identifying and characterizing molecular markers for diagnosis and treatments

Petri Dish
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Understanding pathological signal-processing corruption in mouse and human neurons

Contact Us

University of Rochester Medical Center
Flaum Eye Institute
School of Medicine and Dentistry
Mailing Address:
601 Elmwood Ave. BOX 314
Rochester, NY 14642
Physical Address: 

David and Ilene Flaum Eye Institute

210 Crittenden Boulevard, #23005

Rochester, NY 14642


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